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Inverter ENC EDS 1000
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21 Mar 2020
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Inverter dan Konverter

EDS1000 series multi-function general use type frequency inverter

Product brief
Applied to metal processing, plastic machinery, CNC machine tools, printing equipment, printing and dyeing industry, papermaking, municipal engineering, water supply engineering, sewage treatment. Also in the textile, refrigeration, cement, ceramics and other fields are also widely used.

Excellent design concept
Adopt optimized space voltage vector PWM control; stable 1Hz 150% rated torque; automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and automatic current limiting function; more stable built-in PID controller.

Practical function design
Constant pressure water supply function, from 1 drive 1 to 1 drive 4 pumps all can be realized; up to 16 steps speed control and simple PLC function; swing frequency function for textile, high speed pulse input / output interface; MODBUS or user-defined communication network protocol.

Durable market test
After more than 10 years of user testing, access to high praise. According to the user experience, we constantly upgrading and keep up with the times during the 10 years.

Application advantages

Automatic voltage regulation can adapt to wide voltage fluctuation situation.

Support multiple frequency given channels, including digital settings, analog settings, multi steps settings, PID settings, RS485 communication settings.

Built-in process PID control function is widely used in constant pressure water supply, air compressor variable frequency drive, etc.

Through setting parameters, the mechanical resonance is effectively suppressed, and the system is more stable and reliable.

Widely used for various industrial fields.

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